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Jun 11, 2009
Disney porn

If you're a fan of hentai, toons and anime and you loved the Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons when you were a kid, then you'll love CartoonValley. The site has most of big cartoon favorites such as Pocahontas, the Simpsons, Cinderella and Flintstones having lots of sexual fun, and the emphasis is on fun, because I doubt that you'd go to the site if you simply wanted to jerk off.

The artwork is completely original and was designed and illustrated by a well known artist by the name of Heig who is helped by many of his friends, so you won't see any of the content anywhere else.

When you enter the site you feel like you entered a magical kingdom and you might feel that you deserved to given the price which is very high. If however, you're a fan of the niche and enjoy the art-form, you'll love the site and will understand that whilst the price is high it's not expensive given all the work involved.

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Jun 11, 2009
Famous cartoon porn

If you enjoy the toons niche and loved watching Scooby Doo, Teen Titans, Futruma and the Flintstones, and you haven't yet checked out the ModernToons site then it's high time you did.

The site features exclusive porn cartoons and comics that are being drawn by really talented artists that love the niche, and it shows in the beautiful colors and the wonderful illustrations which if you didn't know better would think that they were done at one of the major studios but the original creators.

What's more, if you feel the site is lacking something or you have a great idea, then you can leave the site's owners a message and it's more than likely that you'll see your suggestion just a few weeks later on the site.

The sex and the fun on the site are non-stop, and it's now time to watch the naughtier side of the Jetix and Nickelodeon networks, so go take a look at the tour which is super easy to get around as it only features five buttons, home, updates, top rated, links and support.

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Jun 11, 2009
Free cartoon porn videos

If you're a fan of comics and you love the super heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman then chances are that you'll really enjoy the OnlineSuperHeroes site.

The drawings are fantastic and they are so similar to the originals that you'd think they were from the major studios if it weren't for all the sexual escapades that take place.

The super heroes engage in super XXX sex and fuck and suck their way through cities like Gotham, and the site is a whole lot of fun as well as being very sexy. The emphasis is on fun and not sex however, and OnlineSuperHeroes is a site that you visit to enjoy and to marvel at, and there are other sites to visit if you just want to jerk off.

The site is updating twice a week and its members get access to a growing number of sites in the toon, hentai and anime niche so if you're a fan then go take a look at the tour now.

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